December 5, 2022

About IRA Checkbook

ira checkbook checkbook ira“Millions in Liberated Capital for Self Directed-Investment with IRA Checkbook”

Hold Fast Asset Protection, located in Charleston, SC, is a company born out of the desire to empower individuals. Our goal is to educate the public about all the available investment options, thereby, enabling them to direct their own retirement investments if they so choose. Our customers are not limited to a traditional 401K or IRA where the power is with the custodian. Instead, invest in a self directed IRA they have the control of directing their own retirement. When evaluating the origins of the regulations governing retirement investment, it is clear that the legislation intended for all citizens to have the ability to save a portion of their compensation without tax implications and to invest it wisely, yet simply. We must return to an era of each person preparing for his or her own retirement and making it a priority, just as large pension plans have done in the past. We see the following tenets as foundational to the success of each IRA Checkbook/401Kcheckbook Holder:

  • A Focus on Real Growth
  • Freedom from Government Regulation
  • Opportunities for Greater Reward
  • To Be Your Own Wealth Advocate
  • To Take Control of Your Destiny
  • Securing Your Future

Now is the time to take action. The investment structure of IRA Checkbook/401Kcheckbook affords the unique opportunity to each of our customers to weather the current, perfect storm in the economy. These conditions include:

  • Stock Market Volatility with Depressed Valuations
  • Meager Returns on Investment in Stocks, Mutual Funds, CDs, and Money Market Funds
  • No Forecast of Mid-term Growth in the Stock Market
  • Low Interest Rates
  • High Real Estate Inventories
  • Tightening Lending Policies
  • Shortage of Capital
  • Increasing Rental Demand
  • Uncertainty of Government Intentions Regarding Retirement Funds

IRAcheckbook, a division of Hold Fast Asset Protection, provides the freedom to escape the Wall Street rollercoaster, while investing in tangible assets, business interests, or if desired, remaining totally liquid. We enable you with the framework to achieve tax-free (or deferred) earnings without paying loads (fees for participating in traditional mutual funds) or waiting three to five years to decide whether or not the investment is satisfactory. Result: you control the investment and position your retirement for the best opportunity for success!

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