December 1, 2023

Invest IRA Funds in the Right Retirement Plan for Your Future

Invest in the Right Retirement Plan to Prepare for Your FutureIn 1974, the introduction of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) signaled the beginning of Individual Retirement Funds, or IRAs. Today, there are all kinds of options available to hard working people who want to make sure they have the money to handle all of their expenses not only now, but in the future as well. Options like equity trust self directed IRA programs can provide the money management and investment opportunities that individuals need to be prepared for the future after they retire. In order to make sure the money they save is protected and being handled properly, working with skilled and experienced IRA custodians who understand all of the facts and trends associated with retirement programs is a good idea.

Some of the numbers regarding IRA funds are pretty astounding. According to the EBRI, they account for just over 26.5% of all retirement holdings in the U.S. So even though the rules and policies regarding IRAs can be a bit complex, many people are choosing to invest in equity trust self directed IRA programs and others. Evidently, the potential benefits of doing so outweigh the difficulties that might come with setting up an IRA account.

As of 2011, the average IRA fund in the U.S. was worth nearly $92,000. And today, current estimates suggest that the total assets for American IRA funds are worth more than a trillion dollars. Those jaw dropping numbers mean that self direct IRA funds and other options are being used by many Americans who want to properly prepare for the future. While it can be tough to stay disciplined and put from every paycheck into an account, doing so can prove to be highly worthwhile.

Today, there are several different IRA types that people can choose from. For many, “Roth” IRA funds are the best option, and they account for 12% of all IRA accounts. But like every other choice, there are pros and cons to “Roth” funds. So in order to make the best choice, doing a bit of research and contacting a professional is always a good idea. Though this might be a bit time consuming, doing so can go a long way towards properly preparing for life after work.