February 29, 2024

IRA Checkbook

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Self directed IRA facilitators are professional service companies that help people set up self-directed IRAs. Properly setting up your self-directed IRA or self directed SEP IRA, or self directed 401k requires a level of tax and legal knowledge that most people don’t have total access. Unless you are a tax attorney, it is probably a good idea to seek help if you want to set up a self-directed IRA. We have helped people just like you set up a self directed IRA checkbook so they could use the checkbook IRA to buy real estate (so they call it a self directed real estate IRA or real estate 401k), or invest in tax liens (so they want an alternative investment IRA), and some want to invest in precious metals (so they ask for a gold IRA). Actually these are all set up using the same self directed IRA rules.

What does a self directed IRA facilitator like IRAcheckbook do?

1. Answer your questions, and educate you on how to avoid self directed IRA prohibited transactions
2. Create an Limited Liability Company (LLC) on your behalf that is properly structured
3. Help create a new self directed IRA account for you with a licensed self directed IRA custodian
4. Assist you with rolling over your IRA or 401k funds into the new self-directed IRA
5. Ensure that the self directed IRA’s investment into the Limited Liability company (LLC) is done correctly
6. Make the process as quick and simple as possible for you via phone, fax and FedEx.

As Self-directed IRA facilitators we never handle your money directly. We assist you with filling out rollover documents, setting up bank accounts and so on, but never actually handle your IRA or 401k funds.  The sooner you give us a call at 800-530-8522  we can review your investment goals and explain the benefits and applications of the self directed IRA.

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