February 29, 2024

IRAcheckbook Enables American Pilots to Stay on Course with their Finances through Self-Directed Plans

According to IRA Checkbook, as the American Airlines/US Airways merger runs into obstacles, pilots who have transferred their B-fund over to self-directed IRAcheckbook plans have one less worry. The success of the program is driving more pilots to consider going the self-directed route.

Despite the recent DOJ action, the American Airlines/US Airways merger continues to move forward according to USAToday.com’s article published on 9/23/13 and the AA pilots have one less worry now that their B-fund retirement has been transferred. Many elected self-directed IRAcheckbook plans and their success is now driving more pilots by referral to consider going the self-directed route.

IRAcheckbook, a Self-Directed Facilitator, is a company located in Charleston, SC which is also the home of Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner manufacturing facility. “It’s a small world when you think that we have established plans for the Boeing employee tasked with building the 787 Dreamliner and the future American pilots who will fly it”, says Jeff Beall, Managing Director of IRAcheckbook. American Airlines’ pilots were forced to transfer or cash out of their retirement “B-fund” due to the recent bankruptcy filing. A large number chose to go the self-directed route. “We’re pleased with the work we’ve done for these investors”, Jeff announces, “Their success is our success.”

Many professionals are not aware of all the options available for their retirement portfolio. Most retirement investors believe they must hire someone to manage their funds. A self-directed IRA allows the investor to have full control over their own funds, thereby allowing them to make investments at will. A self-directed IRA offers a way to diversify the portfolio and pay dividends even in a down market. Investments may be traditional assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds; but the real advantage is the potential in alternative assets like real estate, precious metals, private money lending and other permissible self-directed IRA ventures. IRA rules allow greater flexibility for the individual investor than most think. Investors can have multiple IRAs, therefore, a self-directed IRA needs to be considered as part of the overall retirement plan.

IRAcheckbook is pleased to announce the success of the B-fund transfer for American Airlines. Since the termination of the B-fund last November, American Airlines pilots have been forced to find a new way to secure their retirement. Given the option of either rolling their money into a new plan, like a traditional IRA or checkbook IRA, or cashing out completely, many of the pilots chose to become their own wealth advocate. The self-directed platform is well suited for those aiming to have full control over their retirement. A checkbook IRA is easy to navigate and aids investors immensely in positioning funds for emerging opportunities; thus ensuring a more diversified portfolio while enabling them to take advantage of future economic growth. “We have found that professionals with IRAs are eager to learn all the options they are entitled to for investing”, says Jeff, “More than anything else, our company and affiliates provide educational opportunities to demonstrate the simplicity of self-directed retirement plans. It is our hope that everyone with retirement funds will eventually take advantage of all their options and shake free of the status quo”.

Although not for everyone, savvy investors have known since 1974 what a powerful tool a self-directed IRA can be. The checkbook IRA gives knowledgeable investors the opportunity to make investments when and where they see fit. For example, an IRAcheckbook Plan can be invested directly into real estate. All income collected on rent is tax-deferred or tax-free depending on the type of IRA, as is all the appreciation.

“Bottom line, with our IRAcheckbook Plan, the customer has greater flexibility and control for investing. With greater flexibility and control, comes greater opportunity.” Jeff concludes, “We always look forward to the conversation. Each customer is important to us and we get great satisfaction enabling them to become better investors.”

About IRA Checkbook:

IRAcheckbook is a Self-Directed Facilitator of self-directed retirement plans. Our IRAcheckbook Plan gives the customer “checkbook control” over all or a portion of their IRA in order to make investments in assets like real estate, precious metals, private money loans, businesses, tax liens, etc.