February 2, 2023

IRACheckbook Lifts AA Pilots Investment Opportunities

Pilots Investment Opportunities

Pilots Investment opportunitiesAmerican Airlines pilots investment opportunities soar with IRACheckbook, a facilitator of self-directed retirement funds located in Charleston, S.C. IRAcheckbook is working hard to help the pilots of American Airlines realize all of the benefits out there in investment, even during these turbulent times. It all started With the possible merger with US Airways as reported by the Washington Post on February 13th of this year and the termination of the B -Plan , whose default was first reported on February 2nd of last year by Reuters, as a part of American Airlines’ restructuring program, many American Airlines pilots are looking to gain back control.

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You do not have to be pilot to benefit from the checkbook IRA concept. We will help you navigate the self Directed IRA rules and prohibited transactions. IRA checkbook has prepared a free 5 part email series on the Self Directed IRA. Request it Here!