April 15, 2024

Investment Benefits of Self Directed IRA Real Estate

Self Directed IRA real estate is becoming a well-established investment tool.self directed ira real estate

Even with the fiscal crises strong in the memory of most, IRA and 401(K) plans are still recognized as smart investments. What many of our customers don’t realize, however, is that they can strengthen these plans even further through diversification into self directed real estate and other plans. IRA rules can be confusing because they prohibit people from managing their own funds. This leads many investors to believe that the fate of their capital is completely out of their hands. In reality, however, the rules only say that you can’t make transactions or withdrawals on your own. Setting up a self directed plan opens the door to many non-traditional investments while maintaining the ability to make investments in traditional assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
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Among many options available under self-directed plans, is the investment into self-directed IRA real estate, a great way to broaden your investment portfolio. Self directed IRA real estate has a number of benefits over other kinds of investment. For one, people who invest in real estate are taking advantage of a long-term market that has the potential for growth. Real estate purchased under a self directed real estate plan has remarkable tax advantages. Rents and capital gains are deferred, or in the case of a Roth IRA, are tax-free. There is no other mechanism making available this type of pre-tax growth.
Over our nation’s history, real estate has appreciated in value while non-tangible investments have wavered. A Self directed IRA real estate plan allows the investor to invest in “what they know” and can diversify the portfolio. Self-directed IRA real estate is becoming a well-established investment tool. In fact, investors have been using their IRAs and 401K real estate plans to buy real estate since 1974. Self directed IRA real estate Plans are designed to help investors make the most of their retirement funds. We recommend that you seek more information on the subject of self directed. Consult your attorney and accountant alike and, better yet, find a Self Directed Facilitator that will establish a conference call.